Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cholent Review - Parashas Shemos

The not so secret ingredients in today's cholent were dried shiitake mushroom and fresh cloves of garlic. I used to add garlic to the cholent when I used the old crockpot, but since that one cooked at such a high temperature, the garlic added almost nothing to the cholent. With the new slow cooker, everything still retains some flavor, and the garlic definitely added some spiciness to the mix. The one major problem that I had with the cholent was that I put too many carrots and potatoes in, so much so that they essentially sitting above the pot and were not cooked thoroughly (I used a plastic liner which will hold things in, even if they are more than the pot should hold). So the lesson learned is to fill the pot to the top and not go beyond.

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