I am pleased to present a video and a few photos of the synagogue and its activities from the last few years. I hope to add more photos from time to time. Please scroll down for pictures from recent events.

Sylvia Havran, Chaim Feigenblatt, z"l, Mrs. Chana Kret, zt"l, Rabbi Jacob Kret, zt"l, Gustav Freud, z"l, Zelda Rubinstein, Hershl Rubinstein, Hillel Rubinstein, z"l
Hillel Rubinstein in the 1990s

Photos of the Building

Facade of the shul, 2003

Shul interior

Ner Tamid in Memory of William Joachim

The lions above the aron, ca. 2003. Paint on plaster.

Interior view of the stained glass windows

The lions above the aron in the kiddish room. Paint on galvanized steel.

Detail of the chandelier through the skylight
Interior view from the Kiddush room

Plaks Wedding, June 2006


Radensky Bar Mitzvah October 2006

Radensky Bar Mitzvah October 2010

Plaks Bris, 2008

Amstislavski Bris,2010


Amstislavski Pidyon Haben, January 2011

Rabbi Kret Memorial Service, March 2007 



Purim at Old Broadway

Purim Party 2008
Accordionist Aron Gershman, Purim 2010

Daniel Fridman, Purim 2010
Click here to view photos from the Rabbi Jacob Kret Memorial Dinner, October 2008

Memorials Boards and Plaques

The memorial board in the lobby, installed 1936

The memorial board in the sanctuary, installed 1947
New Memorial Board in Memory of Hillel Rubinstein, z"l, 2009
Tartell Family Plaque, January 2011

Plaque in memory of Old Broadway members killed during World War II.

Cemetery Visit, June 2001

Burying sacred books

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  1. Shavua tov ..... It was a blessing from Old Broadway to the elder Jewish community at the Bronx Park Nursing and Rehab Center. Reb Shoyl [Paul Radensky] generously provided two containers of Moroccan Cholent with Synagogue community donations of Sesame seed and Russian bagels. There were enough for four bagels -- two each variety -- for each participating member of the Bronx Park Elder Jewish community. New Calendars were ready and given to each member of the Center community as well as other appropriate and needing support staff. The Apple Bank calendays evoked many positive comments on the beautiful new photos and artwork.
    Thanks to all at Old Broadway from all at Bronx Park. It was a wonderful way to support my worship interests at Old Broadway Synagogue by adding both to my community groups work with the Seniors' Activity Group, a project of my foundation, the Frances York Charitable Trust Endowment.
    "May all in their senior years enjoy joyous and active life to the fullest to the very end!! L'chaim and Mazel Tov!!"
    Many blessings conveyed for the coming Erev Rosh Hashanah through to Simchat Torah.
    Always yours, Elyas Fraenkel Isaacs, Ph.D.