Sunday, February 24, 2013

Old Broadway East

Our People in Israel

The Old Broadway diaspora stretches across the globe but has a particular strong representation in Israel. We are proud of the Old Broadway people everywhere even as we try to develop more of them in the vicinity of Old Broadway itself.

Orrin, and Sarah Tilevitz with daughters Yael Tilevitz Lockerman, Chana Tilevitz and grand-daughter, Meira
Yael is on her shul's board (we wish her luck) in Ariel, in the Shomron. Yael and the other members of her shul are hoping to to raise $8,000 for their congregation. If you are interested in contributing, please let me (your blog-meister) know and I will send you the contact information. 

Tim Lowe making cholent in Haifa
Tim and Amanda Lowe are spending the year in Haifa, where Tim is studying Holocaust education at the University of Haifa. Before Tim decided to go into Holocaust education, he became an advanced student of the art of making cholent. Here he is in his kitchen in Haifa. He writes,"Attempting to bring OBS's cholent experience to Haifa, Israel.  It's chicken pcs since red meat is too expensive." Replacing beef with chicken in cholent is a tricky procedure and should only be undertaken with an appropriate sense of gravitas. I hope that his cholent was successful.